Fantasy Text: Definition, Characteristics, Structure, Types, and Examples

Reading and writing are two different things, but they are related to each other, why is that? Because everyone who wants to write something, he must read something first.

While someone who reads a work, he can write a work that is inspired by the reading that has been read. Some like to write first then read or read first then write. Both of these things are equally good and can both produce a work.

Currently, reading and writing are not only done through notebooks, but can be done on cell phones which almost everyone has. By reading the information we get, the imagination power increases. Meanwhile, by writing, the power of imagination can be expressed in the form of works. The higher the imagination power, the more interesting the writing will be.

Basically, everyone already has their own imagination, but not everyone is able to hone their imagination. One way to sharpen one’s imagination is to write fantasy stories. This fantasy story is usually liked by children because it is used as entertainment for themselves.

Writing fantasy stories can be said as a way to hone one’s creative abilities. In fact, with this fantasy story you can become a great writer, like Ugi Agustono and Djoko Lelono. The fantasy stories they write have local or regional nuances. As long as you study and practice seriously, you may be able to write fantasy stories like them.

Reading and writing are inseparable. Therefore, if you want to write a fantasy story, you should read the structure of the fantasy story along with examples. By knowing the structure of fantasy stories, making fantasy stories will be easier. While reading fantasy stories, the power of imagination will increase, so that there are more ideas for making fantasy stories.

The structure of fantasy stories and examples of fantasy stories will be explained further in this article. So, what are you waiting for, immediately read this article to the end. Happy reading Grameds.

Definition of Fantasy Story

Fantasy stories are divided into two words, namely stories and fantasy. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), a story is an essay that tells the actions, experiences, or sufferings of people or events and so on (either what really happened or those that were just fiction). Meanwhile, fantasy in the KBBI has the power to create wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, Nurgiyantoro said that fantasy stories are stories that feature characters, plots, settings, or themes whose degree of truth is doubtful, either involving (almost) the whole or only part of the story.

Thus, a fantasy story is an essay made with someone’s imagination or imagination in which there are various stories.

Similar to stories in general, fantasy stories have characters, plots, settings, and so on, so that fantasy stories are included in one form of literary work. In general, fantasy stories written by writers will tell about various things that are easily understood by children.

Someone who writes a fantasy story will usually develop the story he made so that readers, especially children, can easily understand and accept the story. In fantasy stories, the author will create or create his own fantasy world.

Every reader who reads fantasy stories, the imagination power of that person will increase. Increased imagination power will generate or create creative ideas that can be used as a work.

Fantasy Story Structure

In making writing easier, it is necessary to use structure. Likewise, with fantasy stories that have a structure, namely orientation, conflict, resolution, and ending or closing.

1. Orientation

In the orientation structure, the readers will find a story in the form of an introduction starting from the theme, character, and plot written by the author. Some authors will tell the characters in the orientation section.

For example, I am a man named Siska and he is 10 years old. At school I have a friend named Putri and Dinda. We love doing learning together at home and playing together.

2. Conflict

The conflict structure can be said to be part of a fantasy story in which a fantasy story will raise a problem. The problems that arise are the core of the fantasy story.

The author will create a conflict that makes the reader always want to read the fantasy story to the end. Meanwhile, the characters in this structure will be shown more to the reader.

For example, Putri conveyed bad news to me that Dinda suddenly fainted and was being rushed to the hospital.

3. Resolution

Resolution is part of the structure of a fantasy story that tells about a way out of existing problems. In this section the conflict will begin to subside, so the reader begins to wonder what the ending of the story will be.

For example, we heard the news that Dinda’s condition had improved, so that in a few days she would return home.

4. Ending

Ending or the final part of the fantasy story. At the end of the story there is usually a happy ending and there is also a sad ending. Readers will always wait for the end of the fantasy story written by the author.

For example, after several days of being hospitalized, Dinda was finally able to return home. We as friends feel happy.

Types of Fantasy Stories

Based on the e-module of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, fantasy stories are divided into two types, namely based on their suitability in real life and fantasy stories as background stories. For more details, let’s look at the types of fantasy stories as follows.

1. Fantasy Story Based on Real Life Match And

Types of fantasy stories based on real-life suitability are divided into two parts, namely total fantasy stories and slice fantasy stories.

a. Total fantasy story

Total fantasy story is a fantasy story made by the author of certain objects and stories in it that are not in accordance with or do not occur in real life. Things that do not correspond to real life, such as names of people, names of objects, names of cities, and so on.

b. Slice fantasy story

Sliced ​​fantasy story is a fantasy story that contains an imaginary world where place names and event names still exist in the real world. When reading this type of fantasy story, we will get information that is wrapped in interesting language.

2. Fantasy Stories Based on Backstory

Types of fantasy stories based on the background story are divided into two parts, namely contemporary fantasy stories and fantasy stories across time.

a. Contemporary fantasy stories

Contemporary fantasy stories are fantasy stories that use only one type of time setting. For example, using the present setting, using the past, and using the future.

b. Time-travel fantasy story

A cross-time fantasy story is a fantasy story in which there are two different time settings. For example, the author uses the past and the future in one story, uses the present with the past in one story, or uses the present with the future in one story.

Examples of Fantasy Stories Transformation

I don’t know how long I’ve been in this state, a condition that makes me only able to walk slowly to get to where I want to be, sometimes I feel jealous of other creatures who have speed in moving. Like it or not, I need to accept all these circumstances.

My sadness is increasing because there are no parents who accompany me in living my daily life. Mixed feelings, ranging from feeling lonely, feeling sad, to feeling disappointed. These feelings sometimes make me discouraged to live life.

Before my mother left me to live her life, she said “be patient, son because one day your body will turn out to be beautiful”. I think everything my mother said was a lie, until now my body still hasn’t changed. I don’t know how long I have to live with a body like this.

My disappointment grew even more when other creatures mocked me that my body was very ugly and my movements were very slow. I always hope and pray that the condition of my body will change.

My prayers and hopes that I had been waiting for did not come, so I was mocked again by some other creatures. Again and again I feel disappointed with the situation I have.

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